How to get More Money Fast in your business

Need to get More Money FAST in your business? I’ll show you how… Watch the video and/or read below: (You might also want to check out Roadmap to Recovery – Recession Proof and be a Corona Virus Winner) Cash Flow is King, Queen and everything in between. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world […]

The best way to Measure Business Success

The Best way to Measure Business Success in YOUR business. Humans love scores, we love to know how we compare to others. Just look at exams, sports, employee evaluations, even surveys. How many surveys do you see that say test your XXXX score (love appeal, beauty, knowledge etc) I know a few have caught me […]


The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. It’s not the deadliest virus ever seen but it is extremely infectious. This has resulted in strict quarantine procedures for possible candidates, which has in turn put a large portion of the population out of action in affected areas, There are travel bans in place and we have […]

KPI MASTERCLASS – Develop Kick-Ass metrics to elevate Customer Service and Increase Profit

  In this KPI master class I will the answer the Five W’s – Who, What, Where, When, and Why. This Masterclass will cover the following topics: The definition of KPI – Key, Performance, Indicator What Customer Value Chain KPI or Customer Service Metrics are The importance of KPI in determining Customer Service / Customer […]

Ultimate Customer Value – Why Every Business Needs it!

Ultimate Customer Value is critical to success. Businesses often try to understand their customer outcomes by gut feel… or worse by negative experiences e.g. complaints. No complaints – customers must be happy….. Really do you go to complain to your local supermarket before you go to the big mall supermarket? By the time someone makes […]

Don’t become a Dinosaur – a New Frontier for business success.

Every decade there is a new frontier, a key focus that businesses gravitate to, the thing that will make all the difference – if you do it well you win if you don’t you die, or at least become a dinosaur and fade out of existence…. The 2000’s was dominated with Customer Centricity – although […]

Is your business suffering from Information Overload?

Smartphones started a trend that has seen us bombarded with more information than ever. Studies have shown we read 100,000 words a day and that over 50% of white collar workers are overwhelmed at work due to the sheer volume of information they must consume. Make sure you business is not at risk. This video […]

3 People every CEO and Entrepreneur must sleep with to be successful

Firstly I am not referring to how a CEO and/or Entrepreneur gets to be in their position, rather how to be successful once they have the position and are steering the business into the future. I also want to be clear that I am not talking about a one night stand or a casual fling here. […]