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We help you create your ultimate business, giving you more freedom,
less stress, making your business fun again.

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Situations customers are facing

We get you Situations customers are facing

Every business is complex. As a Business Owner you must manage staff, customers, finances, regulations, operations and the list goes on.

Business is tough. It can be overwhelming.

Whether you are looking to take your business to the next level, want to get out of the daily grind to focus on the good stuff, or you want set your business up for future scalability, our proven Financial Peak Performance™ will help get you there.

Remember the most successful businesses in the world did not get there alone. They leveraged support of experts and partners to get the right advice at the right time.

Traditionally this top tier advice is only available to an exclusive club, the business elite, the mega companies and Unicorns.

We're here to change all that! Get the advice and confidence you need to lead your business into the future.

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who we are About Lucrature

We're on a mission to help all business owners create their ultimate business, giving them more freedom, less stress, making your business fun again. To do this we developed our Financial Peak Performance™ framework, a simple set of tools that enable businesses to apply laser focus to those things in the business that really count.

The proven Financial Peak Performance™ framework was developed over 20 years working with large multi-nationals and small businesses alike. Taking the best of project, management, finance, and continuous improvement methodologies we developed a simple but comprehensive business operating model. We also had to find a way to deliver our framework to busy business owners, ensuring it delivered great value.

By leveraging technology, education, a mix of one-to-one and group consultations, we deliver high-quality, tailored, results driven services to your business. The cool thing is that you learn how to develop your own Financial Peak Performance™ framework. Use your framework; to refine and tweak your business over time, to scale and expand, or even in your future business ideas.

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  • Personal and  Friendly Service

    Personal and Friendly Service

  • 100’s Happy Customers

    100’s Happy Customers

  • 25 years + Experience

    25 years + Experience

Milestones to success An overview of our Financial Peak Performance Framework™

Strategy and Goals

Strategy and Goals

Strategy and Goals are simply a way to translate your vision into a navigation system for your business. Just like going on a road trip, you need some way to navigate...

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Business Functions and Processes

Business Functions and Processes

These are the engine room of your business vehicle. Just like a high performance race car needs regular maintenance and refinement...

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Results Measurements and Incentives

Results Measurements and Incentives

When driving your vehicle you need feedback to know how well your tracking, imagine setting off on a long trip without knowing...

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Human Active Management

Human Active Management

This is where everything comes together. It changes the game…. Whilst it is a simple concept it can be difficult to master...

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How it Works

  • Strategy Session
    Step 1

    Strategy Session

  • Road Map
    Step 2

    Road Map

  • Implement Framework
    Step 3

    Implement Framework

  • Measure & Refine
    Step 4

    Measure & Refine

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Why Choose Us

  • Proven Framework

    Proven Framework

  • 30%-80% Performance Increase

    30%-80% Performance Increase

  • You Learn Our Secrets

    You Learn Our Secrets

  • Customer Results Oriented

    Customer Results Oriented

  • People Focused

    People Focused

Testimonials What Clients Say

Igor Katelenets - Cleaning Star

Brad is amazing! Highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking not only to improve your business but also to take your business to a next step! Brad is simply a gem amount all other 'experts' in the field. Thank you Brad for everything you already helped me to achieve, clarify and make things a lot easier!

Toshiyuki Nagakura, IBS Systems

Brad thank you. Not only did I get my life back, we improved our customer service so much won an award for best Customer Service in country. I now have happier, more engaged staff, and I am actually loving my work again. All due to the great work we did together.

Chris Lonergan, Lonergan Research

Brad’s methodology was very effective at helping us focus on what truly affects profit. His roadmap created information flows, and processes which made my staff focus on, and report on the behaviours that drive profit. This has fundamentally reshaped our business – and our bottom line.