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Financial Peak Performance Framework™ | Profit Accelerator Framework™

Strategy and Goals

Strategy and Goals are simply a way to translate your vision into a navigation system for your business.
Just like going on a road trip, you need some way to navigate, it may be as simple as a compass and a country map, it could be detailed streetwise map, or it may be an interactive navigational tool like google maps.

It doesn’t matter what you use they all provide direction that you and anyone else in your business can follow. Without this navigation you may find your business going in circles…. or heading multiple different directions.

Our Financial Peak Performance Framework™ helps you define, and communicate your strategy and goals in everything your do.  It’s a good thing too, because this is critical to business success…

Business Functions & Processes

These are the engine room of your business vehicle.
Just like a high performance race car needs regular maintenance and refinement, so do your business processes to ensure they perform at their optimal levels.
The good thing is that you don’t have to do the maintenance yourself, in fact you should NOT do it. This job is best done by the people doing the work in your business.

The best part, your staff love it they are more engaged and they actually have great ideas to help you achieve your strategy and goals.

Our Financial Peak Performance Framework™ helps you set up an ongoing process to identify mismatches between your processes and goals. There’s a lot of hidden gold in them there processes…

Results Measurement & Incentives

When driving your vehicle you need feedback to know how well your tracking, imagine setting off on a long trip without knowing the speed you’re travelling at, how much fuel you have in the tank, or how far you have travelled.

Wouldn’t that be a frustrating trip, constant fear of driving too fast or too slow, not knowing when you should arrive…

Our Ultimate Customer Value Scorecard™ tells you exactly where your business is at at any given time. It gives you and your staff the platform to make the right decisions every time.

Human Active Management

This is where everything comes together. It changes the game….
Whilst it is a simple concept it can be difficult to master, however if you have successfully implemented the previous 3 pillars this is a breeze.

Active management is the glue in your business it consists of a simple but regular communication framework, and uses your dashboard to help your staff understand and solve problems in your business.

Our Financial Peak Performance Framework™ helps you install a simple but effective management operating framework that make active management easy.

Your role changes from a doer to an adviser.  This creates Freedom!