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Financial Peak Performance Framework™ | Profit Accelerator Framework™

Profit Accelerator™ Framework

Did you know that if you have a business with more than 10 staff it’s likely you have significant hidden profit in your business waiting to be uncovered…

I’ve been helping Business Owners uncover the hidden GOLD in their businesses for the last 25 years.

To me, Business is like the highest level of Professional Sports. It’s a competition to serve customers!

You have; competitors (products/businesses/industries), a playing field (markets), players (staff), and a goal (Customers) –  to win you must satisfy Customer needs so they choose you over your competition. 

Our proven Profit Accelerator™ Framework helps you win in the fastest, most effective way.

If you’re looking for a framework that provides quick, regular, and consistent profit improvements book an appointment we’ll show you how.

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Value-Pricing for Profit

Business Owners Struggle to set the “right price”. Did I lose that job because the price was too high? Could I have charged more for that price? Am I really making money on that job?

Do you spend time justifying your prices with clients? Are you afraid to increase prices fearful that customers will jump ship?

Well with this model you can make 20% more money from existing customers and they’ll love ❤ you for it!

If you can relate to any of these then – you’re a normal business owner – don’t worry.

But there is a better way!

Value-based pricing is not a price but a model, a strategy, and a framework that allows you to get maximum value from your pricing. It gives you confidence that you are making the best choices around quotes and pricing.

When I developed this model with a client many moons ago it was out of necessity. We had made some great changes in the business but it was not being reflected in their bank account.  Hmm… what’s going on?

As it turned out their strategy for capturing large customers and their pricing was actually losing money… The model worked so well I used it again, and again, and again.

What was really surprising is how many businesses have services and products that they consistently lose money on.

It’s scary!

The thing I love about our Value-based Pricing Model is that uses the psychology of how humans buy at its core to get you the absolute best result possible with every customer!

Not sure you’re getting the best price for your services? Give us a call!

Get Off the Tools and Grow Your Business

Our Financial Peak Performance™ Framework is a Blueprint for Service Industry Business Owners wanting to Get OFF the Tools. It’s the same framework I use to Grow Profit by four figures a month.

There are 4 key components to the framework; Strategy alignment | Performance Measurement | Active Management | Business Process Refinement.
The framework enables you to do these key things:
  • Get 10 hours a week back from your business to focus on growth
  • Overcome the 3 barriers that kill profit growth before you even start
  • Get “off the tools” and enjoy growing your business
I know you’re a super busy business owner which is why we have refined this down to powerful but effective 1 hour per week. No homework. We hit it hard in the hour and get stuff done!

You’ll be there in 20 weeks guaranteed (or we will work with you for free until you do).

If this interests you, book a call with me.

(want more info before you book? Check out a guide to our proven framework here)

Our Proven Framework

Our proven Financial Peak Performance Framework™  sets businesses apart from their competition. The framework steals all the best parts from Financial Management, Operations Management, Project Management, and Human Psychology to take your business to the next level.

We help you customize the framework for your business. Once in place, you can keep using it and refining it to meet your needs.

WARNING: Your role in your business changes from a doer to an adviser. This creates Freedom and spare time!

If you do NOT want financial freedom and time freedom for your business – this s not for you please do not read on…

The framework is simple. You can do it on your own.

However, this framework is very powerful and effective, items 1-3 must be 100% in alignment or things can go wrong quickly…

We have the expertise to ensure safe and quick application of the framework and we hold each other accountable for the results.

Implementing an operating framework in your business will be the best thing you ever did. Whether you do it with or without us – don’t wait…

Our proven framework focuses on 4 key business pillars – all 4 must be in alignment to get freedom from your business.

  1. Strategy
  2. Customer Value Measurement
  3. Staff Management
  4. Process Refinement

If you don’t choose ours, make sure what you do choose has these 4 components, is fully customizable to your business, and is scalable.